Datahub SSH

Historical Newspapers

This project consists of three main activities:

  1. Acquisition of 3 large corpora of (UK/US) newpapers. These will in time be available via institutional platforms, but currently via Cengage, the supplier. It concerns the following corpora:
    1. Nineteenth Century U.S. Newspapers
    2. Economist Historical Archive, 1843-2015
    3. International Herald Tribune Historical Archive, 1887-2013
  2. Acquisition of Schooler Lab – the online search and analysis platform of Cengage (available through the links of the three corpora.
  3. Development of tooling, e.g.:
    1. For sentiment analysis in text corpora, currently available via I-Analyzer of the Digital Humanities Lab (among others: Troonredes, The Times, The Guardian and Observer);
    2. For extracting geo-references from the corpora mentioned above, thus enabling spatial analysis.