Datahub SSH


The DataHub SSH programme is a joint initiative by research theme Institutions for Open Societies (IOS) and the Centre for Digital Humanities (CDH), to stimulate the development and deployment of digital research infrastructures. For both IOS and CDH, interdisciplinary research lies at the core of their activities.

As one of the four strategic themes at Utrecht University, Institutions for Open Societies (IOS) is an important driver for the development of interdisciplinary research. Within IOS, more than 400 scholars from various fields such as economics, history, public administration, culture, law, sociology, social psychology, language and communication, ethics, innovation studies, and geography, join forces to contribute to the development of open and resilient societies around the globe. IOS is governed by a board with a representation of professors from four different faculties.

The Centre for Digital Humanities supports and stimulates digital and data-driven methods in research and education within the Faculty of Humanities. This ranges from providing staff training workshops and lectures, technical advice on data analysis, to the development of research tools, and assistance to teachers in developing a more digital-minded curriculum. The Centre for Digital Humanities covers all departments of the Faculty of Humanities.